Our company is ready to deliver avch  secondary aluminum in ingots type АВ87, our production accordingly GOST 295-98.


  • ingot (bar) weight 10 kg.
  • Granule (truncated pyramid) 360 g

Possible capacity: up to 200 tons per month.

Type and chemical composition secondary aluminum meets the requirements specified in the table below:

Mass share


Al, aluminum, at least

Additions,% not more than

Si, silicon Mg, magnesium Cu, copper Zn, zink Pb, lead Sn, tin
АВ87 87,00 5,00 3,00 3,80 3,30 0,30 0,20
Note: in agreement with the consumer permitted deviation of the content of aluminum

Secondary aluminum АВ87 used for steel deoxidation. Except steel deoxidation, АВ87 used for ferroalloys and alyumynotermyy (recovery of aluminum metal oxides).