Our company is ready to deliver secondary aluminum foundry alloy АК5М2, in ingots,akmch our production accordingly GOST1583-93 Aluminum Foundries. Foundry alloy АК5М2 refers to a group of alloys on the basis of aluminum-silicon-copper. Alloying components of the alloy determine its relative strength and ductility.

Possible capacity: up to 200 tons per month.

Type and chemical composition secondary aluminum meets the requirements specified in the table below:

Type Base Alloying components, % Additions,% not more than
Al Si Cu Mg Mn Ti Zn Fe Ni Pb Sn Sb Total
AK5M2 Base 4,0-6,0 1,5-3,5 0,2-0,85 0,2-0,8 0,05-0,2 1,5 1,0 0,5 2,8

Aluminium alloy foundry type AK5M2 used for steel deoxidation in the production of parts the average loading, irresponsible molding and used in the manufacture of tableware.