Ltd “Zaporozhspetsstal” was founded in 2009 . Production facilities are located in the territory of the integral property complex of the former “Zaporozhmetallurgremont.”meltedopt

The main activities are foundry of various grades of iron and steel, the production of finely-rolled rolling. In 2013., Specialists of the plant “Zaporozhspetsstal” were developed, approved, registered TU U 24.1-36836387-002: 2013 “Granules of stainless steel engineering” is adjusted production cycle and output.

Our strategy:
Maximize profits and competitiveness, continuous improvement of the production base, the introduction of modern production processes, development of creative potential of employees.


Our Mission:

  • Ensuring customer products of the company in accordance with the agreements and market demand;
  • Ensure plant personnel salaries, normal working conditions and the opportunity for professional growth;
  • Creation of new jobs for people;
  • Preservation of the environment: land, air and water;
  • Prevent malfunctions of the enterprise (the issue of defective products, disruption of order, a sharp reduction in production volume and a decrease in profitability).


Our advantages:

  • Speed – optimal reduction of the hierarchical ladder management, high qualification and mobility of staff in conjunction with the material and -99-995-opttechnical basis for the preparation of production led to high rates of work.
  • Quality – availability of the necessary and specialized equipment, allows to control every stage of production, allowing you to maximize product quality.
  • Price – the existing system of management and optimization of staffing have achieved a significant reduction in overhead costs per unit of output.

Foundation Ltd “Zaporozhspetsstal” – powerful and cohesive composition of the engineering and manufacturing employees who will perform in the shortest time the most complicated order.

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