Metal processing

To fully meet the requirements and wishes of the customer, the company has two kinds of metal cleaning equipment:

  • shot blasting
  • sandblasting

Shot blasting – a surface treatment containing shot accelerates the flow of liquid or gas. Accelerated stream of abrasive particles coming from the nozzle and hits the surface and due to impacts of abrasive particles on the surface removes dirt.

By blasting parts can be cleaned from scale, rust, oxide layer, etc. There is a misconception that the blasting  affects the structure of the metal. In fact, the fraction is accelerated in 90% of the compressed air, can not provide such a strong effect on the metal. With different types of shot for shot blasting can achieve different effects surface: to create the necessary roughness, achieve the visual quality of the surface or create almost glossy surface, using a very small shot.

We have the shot blasting chamber for cleaning of steel and cast iron parts.

Term shotblasting – 1 day.

Specifications shot blasting camera:

  • size of the loading gate of 600 × 1100 mm;
  • max. workpiece weight 600 kg.

Sandblasting of metal – a high-quality high-pressure cleaning of the surface of scale, corrosion, hardened oil, old paint.

Sandblasting of metal is needed not only for painting metal, but it also allows you to degrease the surface, and thus to fulfill and others restoration work on metal. Sandblasting is carried out depending on the purpose for which it is planned to clean metal, that is, the degree of sandblasting will depend from task:

  • Deep sandblasting of metal can achieve such results, that even with a sixfold increase would not be noticeable scale and rust.
  • There is also a degree of sandblasting, in which the metal appears clear when viewed
  • Surface blasting. After it remains visible to the naked eye spots and stripes scale, but they take no more than 5% of the surface.
  • At easy degree of sandblasting removes surface rust and flaking scale.

We have sandblasting camera that performs processing different surfaces by means of an abrasive under pressure supplied by the compressor.

The main functions of the sandblasting camera are the:

  • Clean surfaces;
  • cleaning from deburring and rust;
  • smoothing the rough edges;
  • cleaning of surfaces from scale, paint and other;
  • degreasing;
  • Polishing surfaces;
  • glass matting.

The chamber volume – 990 liters. Performance – 6-10 m2/hour.