Rolled steel

Stainless steel rod

Rod – a rod of circular section of stainless steel is not magnetic. According to the method of production may be both cold rolled and hot rolled. The rods are available in various diameters and lengths. rolledoptStainless steel AISI widely used in the chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food, paper industry, in mechanical engineering, for domestic purposes, can be used as a blank for the manufacture of parts, fasteners, etc. For the absolute advantages of stainless steel is that it is resistant to corrosion, not only in the atmosphere, but in many corrosive environments. Moreover, rustproof rod has a high strength and wear resistance, and therefore stainless rod parts have much longer lifecycle then parts from other materials.

Due to the above factors, many food production and the chemical industry stainless steel rod and stainless steel, in particular, have no real alternative.

Of course, you can try to install instead of stainless circles similar goods of common metal, but in this case it will have to change a few times more. This will inevitably lead to the fact that the cost of maintenance and repair of the equipment will increase significantly. In addition, part of the repair will cause significant losses associated with downtime for a long time.