Steel and iron casting

Ltd “Zaporozhspetsstal” has all the necessary capacities for mass, small-batch and individual production by a molding method of cast iron and steels of different grades with the possibility of further machining to customer’s specifications.

Production of castings is provided by induction furnaces ITPE 0.4 and electroarc furnace DSP-2. Production and technical facilities allow molded parts made of carbon and alloy steels (12H18N10TL, 110G13L, 15L, 50L, 35GL, 20H13L), iron (SH, VH, CHH).

Material and technical base of the company allows to produce products using various methods of casting:

  • In the sand-clay molds;
  • In the cold-hardening mixture (CTS);
  • DML, LGM.

For the manufacture of of modeling equipment material is wood or aluminum.

Weighing of finished product from 0.5 kg to 2000 kg.

Wide technological possibilities allow for the production of casting of steel and cast iron, thus reducing the consumption of raw materials and the cost of production castings. Because of this, the prices of our products are competitive in the market of casting.

Our experts have mastered the production of:

  • Metals and Mining (semiblocks cylinder mining engines, grates, casting mold, lining plates, hammers, armor, gear holder);
  • Machine-pressing equipment (ruler guides, tables, slides, frame counterweights);
  • Railway casting (housing axlebox, door latch for wagon, the wedge “Hanin”);
  • Shafts, circles, half couplings, sleeves of different diameters and sizes;
  • Grinding balls for ball mills;
  • Cases and fittings for valves.

The price of each order is calculated individually and depends on its size.